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The ArtHost Upload Tool offers a space for entering personal data and data about artworks. The user who inputs this data does so on an expressly voluntary basis. By submitting his or her postal or email address, the user agrees to receive the material and information requested from the ArthHost Upload Tool through mail and/or email. Furthermore, the user agrees that all data they input into the tool is stored and that further processing (supported by electronic data processing) of one's own pertinent data might be done.

This information will not be shared with third parties, and will only be used by LIMA for reflection, contacting the user for further steps in the ArtHost ingest and monitoring procedure and on feedback on the tool, to monitor the user's engagement with the tool, and to bring the user's attention to further LIMA services. Data shared by the user will be treated strictly confidential according to the regulations of the respective valid version of the data protection laws of The Netherlands.

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